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new york city war tax resistance—
2007 annual report

On Tuesday, April 17, New York City War Tax Resistance held its annual protest in front of the Internal Revenue Service office, 110 West 44th Street to confront the outrageous military expansion of the Bush Administration. Following below is the text of our update to membership:

the year in review

With the election results of November still buoying the hopes of millions, Americans are unprepared to face a stalemated Congress on the issue of withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq. Yet that is what seems to be shaping up—that or a possible veto by President Bush. Many in Congress who opposed the war have no clearcut answer about how many troops should be withdrawn and when that should take place.

While the Bush administration ratchets up pressure on Iran, the only strong voice in Congress against a new war in Iran is that of Dennis Kucinich. Hardly a groundswell of Democrats!

The inevitable conclusion is that the nonviolent left must keep up its relentless pressure on Congress. It can take solace that its clearcut, unyielding stance early in the war has now been joined by many others, who had no doubt about going to war five years ago.

Senator Robert Byrd, who voted against the resolution to go to war, said in a recent Senate debate:

We were wrong to invade, we were wrong to think that victory would be quick or easy, and we are wrong to stay on in occupation that earns only hatred—with no end, no end, no end in sight.

The nonviolent left has been unyieldingly opposed to the Iraq War as well as to the war in Afghanistan. The latter has left the front pages of newspapers and is hardly mentioned on TV. Yet it is here we see an agonizing replay of history. For as soon as an occupying power reduces its forces, Afghanistan sinks back into the grip of the Taliban. So much for the vaunted military power of the U.S.

wtr workshops

While veteran war tax resisters continue to refuse taxes, new entrants to the movement learn the “hows» of refusal at workshops and support sessions.

This year a WTR workshop will take place on Thursday, April 5, at 339 Lafayette Street (3rd Floor, A.J. Muste Memorial Institute). Info: nycwrl@att.net or 718/768-7306. These sessions are a must for anyone interested in war tax resistance. They are also a rich source of connection between veteran tax resisters and new entrants, a morale booster and plain warm give and take among participants. Join us and see for yourself.

help us make a difference

Since the days of the Vietnam War, New York City War Tax Resistance (NYC WTR) has stood in opposition to the illogic and savagery of war. In that time it has counseled aspiring war tax resisters and provided support to those experiencing difficulties with the Internal Revenue Service.

Recognizing that resistance is only the beginning, we must also create a model for an alternative. Many resisters in the New York area have chosen to put their resisted moneys into New York City People's Life Fund (NYC PLF), enabling it to redirect tens of thousands of dollars in grants and loans to local community groups. These local groups give wing to the possibilities for change. For 35 years, NYC PLF has represented hope and possibility for many city groups. In recent years, the downturn in contributions and resisted war taxes has in fact halted—hopefully temporarily—the flow of grants and loans to local groups. The engine survives, but it fails to support the necessary momentum for change.

In our continuing efforts to revitalize this crucial engine, plans are underway for a fall gala celebration of the New York City People's Life Fund. Please watch for upcoming announcements. Mark September 17 on your calendar.

On this Tax Day, please consider contributing to New York City War Tax Resistance. Now as never before, your contributions can help give voice to a meaningful protest against the firmly entrenched war machine.