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new york city war tax resistance—
2012 annual report

On Tuesday, April 17, New York City War Tax Resistance held its annual protest in front of the Internal Revenue Service office, 110 West 44th Street, 4:00-5:00 PM, followed by a march to the General Post Office (8th Avenue & 33rd Street) at 5:00 PM. Below is the text of our update to membership:

the year in review

As the U.S. pushes forward to election politics, the world spins toward greater instability and aggression. During the last year the Middle East has developed into a cauldron of uprising. And in Libya the U.S. sent a force amid much congratulations. One wonders what happened to the dream of the UN that would bring countries together and steer the world toward peace. The truth of the matter is that it has been relegated to a debating society. And few, except diehard supporters, pay attention to its pronouncements.

For those of us who had hopes that post-WWII would usher in an era of lasting peace, it is a deep disappointment. Nevertheless, we keep to our goal of trying to pave the way toward peace. By resisting war taxes, by building a fund for peace (The New York City People's Life Fund), by supporting productive community growth, we plow forward toward building the new inside the shell of the old.

what can you do?

  1. Visit our web page for hints on how to get started in phone tax resistance, a relatively risk-free means of resisting the war. Several helpful tips can be found at our First Steps page. At the end of the year your resisted phone taxes can be given to the New York City People's Life Fund to be redirected into grants and discretionary gifts to vital community groups. Although a small amount, resistance to this tax is a direct reminder of refusal to support war. For some, it is their sole means of resistance.
  2. Keep in touch with upcoming events and actions at the War Resisters League site.

help us make a difference

Since the days of the Vietnam War, New York City War Tax Resistance (NYC WTR) has stood in opposition to the illogic and savagery of war. In that time it has counseled aspiring war tax resisters and provided support to those experiencing difficulties with the Internal Revenue Service.

Clearly, in an economy that remains at best sluggish, people are hurting and fundraising takes on a more urgent tone. Your sustained support to New York City War Tax Resistance helps keep the WTR movement alive.

Counseling aspiring war tax resisters is just the beginning. As resisters, we must also create a model for the alternative. Many resisters in the New York area have chosen to put their resisted moneys into New York City People's Life Fund (NYC PLF), enabling it to redirect tens of thousands of dollars in grants and loans to local community groups. These groups give wing to the possibility for change. It is your resisted war taxes and contributions that make this change possible.

Thus, in addition to lending your support to the efforts of NYC WTR, please consider contributing your resisted war taxes to the New York City People's Life Fund. You will be truly gratified to see how these funds breathe new life into local community groups whose vital work makes the city a better place in which to live.