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Karl Meyer stands in front of a Quaker Meeting House.

Karl Meyer stands in front of a Quaker
Meeting House.

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After Karl was sentenced, the judge was about to call the next case when an older man, Solomon Goldman, appeared at Karl’s side from the audience, shook his hand, and loudly declared, “Karl Meyer, my grandchildren will thank you. You are a man of peace.” Judge Perry was astounded; exclaimed to Mr. Goldman “You’re not an attorney!” and ordered him taken out of the building. Then a bit of confusion set in. The judge was ordering the marshall [sic] also to remove Karl, but the marshall [sic] was still involved with Mr. Goldman. Karl was asking if he could give his briefcase to his friends, was told that it could be gotten from the lockup. Bill Himmelbauer was by this time at Karl’s side getting the briefcase, various people were waving two-fingered peace signs to Karl and saying “goodbye” as he walked out, and the judge (whose courtroom was still understaffed) was on his feet shouting, “No demonstrations! There will be no demonstrations in here! I’ll have you all in jail for contempt. Clear the courtroom!” as we slowly filed out.

—David Pinke

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