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Martha Tranquilli at Protest

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martha tranquilli—
letter to sallie marx
(august 31, 1974)

Aug. 31, 1974

Dear Sallie,

Please give the N.Y. war tax resisters my love. I met several of them at the national meeting WRL a few years ago in Athens, Ga.

At this time there is nothing I need or want other than for time to continue passing as quickly as it has been. Since I have been put in an old-age-status because I refused all work assignments and they did not want to put me in “the hole,” the usual punishment, I weed one of the flower gardens for exercise and sun. I write letters, read, walk around the grounds and play scrabble with friends. [There is much to absorb for future use.] In the early morning I do yoga and meditate. The nine months will pass quickly if this first month and a half is any indication of what the next 7 ½ will be.

There are no bars just a high fence separating us from the Coast Guard (formerly a naval station), the male prison and the bay. Now a young cat has moved into my room which is private and to which I have a key. We have been told feeding the cats and/or the birds is a no-no and can result in a loss of good days. Now if I can say no to the U.S. Government what makes them think I would comply with such a stupid rule? All the guards know and have seen the cat sleeping with me and eating in my room but there has been no repercussions. In fact, one of the guards has provided some dry cat food for her. They simply have not been able to make me “feel” imprisoned. I feel I am at a convention waiting my turn to do what ever it is I am here to do.

Please give every one my love and live on.

Peace and Freedom with Love,

Martha 2752-171
 [formerly Tranquilli]

Terminal Island Prison

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